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Campaign Design

Project Info

The project was tasked with finding and collaborating with a creative from a diverse community. The collaboration would result in a campaign featuring our collaborator’s story as the primary message of the campaign.

Teamed up with Connor Schwenk and Juliet Dicarlo, the approach taken for this project started with reaching out to artists through Instagram. We found our collaborator, Aliyah Salmon, a NYC based textile artist. Through working with her, having extensive conversations, and meeting her in person, we created a campaign that not only reflected Aliyah’s work and identity, but accurately told her story. This project was motivated and strengthened through the personal connection developed with our group and Aliyah.

Campaign Info

The results of this collaboration were a colorful and lively home collection, and an extensive social media campaign which also included physical posters and animated billboards. Most importantly, this project created and nurtured a rewarding relationship and connection between our group and our collaborator.

Home Collection

Furniture Pieces

A little bit more about the furniture pieces, Aliyah Salmon created the designs for the lamp and pillow. Aliyah handmade the pillow herself and sent it on over to us to photograph! The lamp and chair were previous designs that she gave us permission to use. 

Besides the pillow, the lamp and chair were hand painted and the lamp was made out of acrylic and vinyl. 

Promotional Posters


Meaning behind Instagram

While collaborating with Aliyah, we discovered her beautiful scrapbook that she uses as her creative process. We took this opportunity to make a scrapbook ourselves and tell her story through it. 

For the home collection, not only did we make them animated posts, but we set up a system where followers would be continuously reminded of the furniture pieces!

Instagram Stories

Aliyah Salmon

Check out her amazing artwork!

Website - aliyahsalmon.com
Instagram - @tyrabanks_official